Monday, July 21, 2014


Hello! I've been so busy the last few days... But two concerts and a festival is always a good way to spend your free time in the summer so I won't complain about my tiredness! :) Few of the acts we've seen include Elllie Goulding, Macklemore, Sam Smith, Bastille, the 1975, disclosure, Bastille and many many more. Here are few pictures from the past few days:)

Tommorow is the big packing day as I'm heading off to Crete on Tuesday. 11 nights in this beautiful place... Can't wait! I'll try to update from Crete if I find a good wifi spot. 
Chat soon:) xox

Monday, June 30, 2014


Today I wanted to post few picures form my WeHeartIt. I can spend hours on that page in my free time! I'm not really a Tumblr fan so I get all the inspirations from there. As you will see many of the photos will show an expensive brand but that doesnt mean I would ever spend a ton of money on clothes... I like to get inspirations from these pictures and find similar versions of clothing in cheaper stores:) I also get inspirations from girls on the pictures, so when I'm planning a photoshoot or going on holiday hoping to take an interesting picture I would look up some ideas on locations, composition and poses on ths page first. You can find my WeHeartIt profile here. Enjoy the photos and wait patiently from my first outfit... my boyfriend is finally on holidays so I should do an outfit post very soon as I'll have time to take good pictures;)

Hope you enjoyd this post, talk to you soon :)

Friday, June 20, 2014


It is so sunny out there I've spent the last few days on the beach so I thought I'll share few new photos with you:) It's been such a lovely week, I was in Dublin with my boyfriend as he needed me to help with his school trip and sports day in a school he's teaching in so it was a lot of fun  since the sun was shining and I could get a bit of tan:) Well.. I got badly burned too but I've learned my lesson now!:D We've spend the evenings on the beach eating ice cream and going for burgers and drinks. It's so rare to have such a beautiful weather in Ireland so we tried to make the most of every second of it!

Yesterday I've had a photoshoot but I haven't got the pictures yet so here's also few backstage photos from it:) 

Hope you enjoyed this short post:) I rememeber I promised to do a post on my recent clothes shopping but I can't seem to find a good place to take the pictures of it so I might do a little video on the outfits I've planned for the summer. What do you think of outfit videos? Let me know in comments and have a lovely weekend!:) xox

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Make Up Shopping

Hello:) Today I wanted to show you some of the beauty products I got when I was in Poland. Make Up is much cheaper over there so even though my make up bag is pretty full I wanted to stack up on some products for the summer. When I'm shopping back there I always pick up some products I know already, however if something's on special offer I pick it up just to try it out:) I would not usually risk getting anything expensive if I'm not sure I'll like it. Once I find a mascara or foundation that suits me I wouldn't change it for monthssss! Here are few things I got:
1.Lovely, Nail polish. 2. ASTOR, Big Boom Mascara. 3. Sensique, Make-Up Pearls. 4. Sensique, Velvet Touch Eyeshadow. 5.Sensique, Shine Powder. 6.Sensique, Velvet Blush Eyeshadow. 7.AA, Makeup No.1, Foundation. 8. Sensique, Lip Gloss. 9. Sensique, Pearl Glow Eyeshadow. 

My favourites from above are certainly AA Foundation, Lovely nail polish and ASTOR Mascara. I was familiar with the first two before and I grabbed the mascara as it was on sale. I don't change my mascara too often but this one is my new favourite! The brush is very thick and separates lashes evenly. The AA foundation is always on my shopping list when I'm over as it is for sensitive skin prone to allergies, covers every spot perfectly and stays on for the whole day/night. It is also super cheap... works out as 4 euro?! Its mad! And the nail polsih... gotta grab few colours. It lasts for up to 7 days even on my nails (yes, I still bite them sometimes, shame on me) and dries really quick. Sometimes I have to paint my nails 5(?!) times over and over again because I'm so unpatient wen it comes to drying. 

Now two products I wasn't so impressed by. Sensique eyeshadows - even though they were already cheap I got them on sale. Super cheap but super bad. They felt very soft when I touched them but you can't see the colour on the eye lid when its applied. The other Sensique products you see above are also new to my makeup collection and I have to say they're really good (except eye shadows of course). The powders smell absolutely amazing and cover up skin well enough. The lipgloss also smells gorgeous and stays on for a good while and considering their price they are worth having in your make-up supplies ;)

Next post- clothes shopping! Few things I added to my wardrobe recently:) Stay tuned and have a lovely Tuesday <3

Sunday, June 8, 2014


Hi guys!:) I am back in Ireland since Thursday evening  but I was busy unpacking, catching up with friends and going to my friend's 18th birthday party. As I've mentioned before I don't really enjoy going over to my home country but it was only a week and meeting up with some old friends was quite enjoyable:) My boyfriend surprised everyone and duing the second last day he knocked at the door in my grandparents house and we spent the last day together. I bought few things but I'll write about it in the next post! I also got my hair cut and coloured to a brighter shade, as you can see on the third picture. Im not sure if I like it but I'll try to get used to it and maybe I'll go back to brown in few weeks:) Here are some pics from the past week... I didn't take too many but I'll cath up soon as the weather here is getting much nicer these days:)

 My grandparents posing away :)

When we were on the plane back I could not believe how beautiful Ireland is! I mean I've always loved the beautiful scenery but look at the view from the plane when the sun was shining :)

As I said, last night I went to the 18th birthday party which was a looooot of fun! My friend Gabriela changed the date of it so I could be there, it was so nice of her! We had a great time:)

My shopping in Poland post will be up next, stay tuned and have a nice evening!:)

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Promo Work

Hello! Today I started packing for my holiday. I am going to Poland this thursday and I'll only be there a week but it should be fun:) I can't wait for a bit of shopping! I've already organised meetings with friends so I'm really looking forward goin for a dinner and drinks with them too:) Few days ago I was doing promo work for an event held in Dublin. It was an auction sponsored by the Liverpool footbal team, and all the money from the event went to a foundation that sponsors children with disabilities. Great cause! I got to work with a lovely Gilian... I love this girl so much:)

 Stay tuned and have a nice day!:) x

Wednesday, May 21, 2014


Hello! I was quite busy with exams for a while but now I'm back for good:) I couldn't really make up my mind whether to keep my blog or just delete it, but since I have a lot of free time now I thought I'll start posting regularly and see how it goes:) Today I wated to do a little post about body chains. This moning my cousing from Poland asked me if I could get her a body chain and send it over, but I directed her to an online shop and I found a lot of pretty chains which I ordered myself. Thre're really cute and fashionable, a must-have this summer! :) Here's few of my favourites, I'm just after ordering the first two below:

What do you think about them? Im off to do my work out now. It's not going too well but I'll just keep pushing myself! Have a good day :)